Springfield Heights Elementary School 2013

Since 1994, Michelle has spoken to many corporations and thousands of students on diverse topics, but always with the goal of motivating positive change, and stimulating productivity by teaching basic lessons about overcoming barriers. Michelle uses her own story to illustrate the importance of perseverance, ambitious goals, vision, and, especially, dreams. She inspires her audience to make the most of their lives; to focus on their abilities, to dream, to have confidence to chase those dreams and most importantly to always stay positive when life challenges you.

Photo courtesy Concept Photography

Photo courtesy Concept Photography

Michelle began speaking for the P.A.R.T.Y. Program (Prevent Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth) in 1994. The purpose of the P.A.R.T.Y. Program is to provide useful, relevant information to young people about injury that will enable the participants to recognize potentially injury-producing situations, to make informed prevention-oriented choices about activities, and to adopt behaviours and actions that minimize risk.

When Michelle became a national team Wheelchair Basketball player she began speaking for the Y.E.S. program (Youth Education through Sport) out of the National Sport center in Calgary. This program is focused on being the best you can be, believing in yourself, enjoying the journey, and setting goals.

Since 1999 Michelle has had the pleasure of being on contract with Smartrisk. Based in Toronto, SMARTRISK Heroes is an enticing, faced paced, theatrical presentation designed to appeal to young people through technology, music and imagery. An injury survivor, someone who has sustained a preventable injury, narrates the audience through the program, and hosts the show.

As a SMARTRISK presenter, Michelle keeps her message upbeat and positive by encouraging young audience members to have fun and take risks‚about Smartrisks. The show’s mandate is to illustrate to young people how to live a productive life by implementing five universal strategies that fit into their own lifestyles and behaviours including: Buckle up; look first; wear the gear; get trained; and drive sober. Most recently Michelle travelled to Houston, Texas to speak at NASA; a truly memorable experience.

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We are big fans of Michelle’s Paralympic athletic successes and asked her to deliver the keynote address at our annual company conference of 150 Vancouver Island Realtors. Her compelling personal story of overcoming a devastating injury to triumph on a world stage is inspirational and an incomparable motivational lesson for business and life. Thanks, Michelle, for  showing us an incredible level of inner toughness and commitment to family and self that we can set as a goal for ourselves.

Roland Wickett

Senior Manager

Coast Realty Group

This October 2010, the Morden & District Chamber of Commerce hosted its first annual Awards Gala, recognizing success in our business community. Michelle Stilwell delivered a dynamite presentation showing how the circumstance we find ourselves in does not determine our success. See did an excellent job of relating her story to what it takes to be successful in any endeavor.

Kent Winning - President

Morden & District Chamber of Commerce   

During Michelle Stilwell's presentation: "Having a dream and finding a way to get there" this amazing Paralympic gold medalist talks about her journey from a spinal cord injury when just a teenager to world champion wheelchair racer.  Along the way Michelle overcame pain, setbacks and the doubts of many to beat the odds and live life to the fullest as a wife, mother and athlete. Her moving personal story is told from the heart and her success is an inspiration for us all.

Bill Hanson, VP General Manager

CTV Winnipeg

"It was a true pleasure and inspiration to have Michelle do a presentation for us on ”Life Choices”. Her simple and sincere approach combined with the fact that her story is absolutely amazing, left our entire staff in awe and she received a standing ovation at the end of her talk. This was something I had never seen our office do before."

"Her smile, presence and inspiration left a lasting impression on me that have already served me well in my personal and professional life."

"Thank you Michelle for being such a strong and amazing person!"

To your success,

Emmanuel Lint, B.Sc., CSA, CFP

Division Director, Investors Group Financial Services

"One of the things I like to do with my team prior to playoffs - is have a motivational speaker talk to the team. This year we had Michelle talk to the guys, WOW! Her story is one that inspires and also forces you to reflect on how fragile the lives we take for granted are. It was inspirational and thought provoking and really assisted our players mentally in moving to the next level."

Thank You Michelle


Dave Johnstone‚ Manager/Head Coach

Oceanside Generals Junior Hockey Club

Mikey’s presentation was moving, inspirational and made everyone think and reflect. She had everyone’s attention for the entire time she was with the group.  The students were quite attentive and listened to Mikey’s message and story.  The students and staff definitely got a message to do your best, to try, to not let obstacles become a barrier and to look at ways to better oneself.  There were many more messages in Mikey’s presentation that different individuals would have taken away.  I was quite impressed towards the end of Mikey’s time when she spent about 20 minutes taking questions and answering them, both from students and staff. 

Mikey mixed in humour with her presentation, which made for a very good time.  At the end, when students and staff were dismissed, many stayed behind to speak to Mikey one to one.  Mikey stayed in our gym for a good twenty minutes after the end of the presentation to talk to the many students and staff who stayed behind to ask her more questions.

From an administrative end, Mikey’s presentation was very easy to set up.  She even came in with her own laptop with all the files preloaded.  If you are looking to motivate students at your school I would highly recommend Mikey being invited in to speak to them. 

All the best in the future Mikey and I can’t wait to have you in again next year for our new Grade 8 class.

Robbie Dhillon

Vice Principal

Nanaimo District Secondary School (NDSS)